5 Tips for a better RRG Adventure

Tip #1: Follow the Sun

(Hint: It’s not too hard, He’s got a pretty regular schedule.)



Tip #2: Take the High Ground (it’s better in battle)

(8-26-17) Climbing Eagle's Nest

This may or may not be 100% staged

Clyde hystack

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” -Clyde, in triumph

Tip #3: Perform pagan rituals around a campfire

(i’m mostly kidding here)


Part of the “it was a weird night” series.

Tip #4: Hang Out Under the Stars

(Ft. The milkiest ways I’ve ever seen)

(9-9-17) Milky Way edit

(9-9-17) Milky Way, with clyde and aaron

Tip #5: Most importantly, go somewhere new and Just Explore!

pinch em tight07- date -102916


As always, thanks for reading! Hike hard and walk lightly,

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