Seattle (the drizzly city?)

It’s Day 3 of my adventure in the Pacific Northwest (mainly just Seattle so far), and I’m enjoying every minute of it. “All it does is rain there” they said. Well my first day they were all proven wrong with beautiful sunshine all day long. But the second day had a hefty handful of drizzle and a fair bit of chill. The third day has yet to show it’s true colors, but it sure looks pretty out. Actually it just started raining again, oh well. Did I mention this is my bedside view?

Seattle Day 1 - 002 (5-10-2017)

Queen Anne’s view

I am graciously lodged with some friends for the week (friends in tech who can afford an amazing cityscape view up on the hill), and boy is that great. The massive sun room window lets in all the light so I can never sleep in, but that’s probably for the best.

Anyway, if I had to describe this city in a few words, it would be airplanes, Space Needle (spooce noodle), and tantalizing. The first two are pretty self explanatory. There are literally planes in the air all the time everywhere. Every time I look up, I can see one in the sky over the city. They also have cool seaplanes which by some witchcraft are both boats and airplanes (don’t ask me how).

Seattle Day 2 - 008 (5-11-2017)

And of course we all know about the Space Needle, but nobody really knows what it is. Some theories suggest it’s actually used for transmitting all of our government’s secrets into space in hopes that more intelligent life will come save us from ourselves. Fingers crossed.

Seattle Day 2 - 015 (5-11-2017)

Finally ‘tantalizing’ is maybe not the descriptor you’d expect. Here’s what I mean: I’ve been here three days. I’ve seen plenty of cool city attractions. All in all, I’d say actually one of my favorite big cities, but what I’m missing is some adventure in the fabled rain forests of the Olympic peninsula or the mountains which surround the city in all directions – Rainier, Olympus, Glacier and the lot. These mountains are what I find tantalizing. Every time I look out at the city, way off in the distance, just past the sky scrapers, I can see natures sky scrapers just waiting to be explored. But enough of that. I have no set plans, but I sense we’ll get to those behemoths in the near future.


Here are some other neat things I’ve seen so far. 

The Great Gum Wall

Seattle Day 1 - 022 (5-10-2017)

Somewhere deep within Pike Place Market, there is a wall encrusted entirely in the gum and saliva of its previous tourist victims

Space Needle

Seattle Day 1 - 011 (5-10-2017)

The mythical Space Needle (colloquially referred to as the Spooce Noodle)

Elliott Bay

Seattle Day 1 - 018 (5-10-2017)

Part of the Puget Sound which stems from the Pacific Ocean. Boats/Cranes in the front, The Great Wheel in the back

Lake Union

Seattle Day 2 - 012 (5-11-2017)

Just some lake or something. Home to all the geese in the city, and apparently a hefty chunk of sailboats as well

Anyway, I’ll be back later with more on the sights of the PNW. In the meantime


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