Eagle’s Nest: Red River Gorge (4/28/17)

Picture this: Spring has sprung in a major way, but I’ve been stuck inside all week pulling all nighters, writing 20 page papers, and just generally wallowing in the reclusiveness of end-of-school madness. It was past time I got out of the house to revive the recently absent adventure in my Fridays. So as I do, I grabbed a friend, grabbed a camera, and hit the road. Next stop: Eagle’s Nest.

Eage's nest 031 (4-29-2017)

Eagle’s Nest (Red River Gorge)

If you’ve ever wondered (as I have) what it’s like to live in a hole hundreds of feet up the shear face of a cliff, look no further than Eagle’s Nest. At the low, low cost of just 20 panic attacks a night, you too could sleep in the coolest sandstone bed this side of the Red River!

Waterfalls like Honey Nectar

Eage's nest 016 1 (4-29-2017)

Unnamed Waterfall

Wow talk about beautiful! We went into our Eagle’s Nest expedition with only a few GPS coordinates and the promise of a good view, but we were not expecting the gloriousness of this waterfall.

Absolutely mammoth, double shelved and spitting into the wind, it was a sight to see. The rocks below, both black and sand, were accented by the green growth between them. The mist from the falls started tight, then whipped in the wind to form ghostly dancing figures above before spiraling out in all directions as light spring kisses on the ground and on our faces.

Eage's nest 011 (4-29-2017)

A picture simply cannot do it justice, and yet here I sit trying to make that happen anyway. The show must go on.

Up Top (The View that was promised)

Eage's nest 028 (4-29-2017)

Standing in awe of our horizons

Just a couple of cool cats having fun, dirty knees and a gentle breeze. The view from topside at Eagle’s Nest has quickly become one of my favorites in the Gorge. A slightly less dense hill in the middle really gives the green expanse a focal point, bordered on both sides by the Red River in a horseshoe-esque bend. Top Notch.

The Nest

We did eventually make it into the nest after a bit of exploring and soaking in the sights.

Eage's nest 033 (4-29-2017)

Hanging from the nest (some sort of primate instinct I guess)

Don’t focus too long on my leg or you might get a headache. Much of the photography on this hike was spent playing with my new Rokinon 14mm wide angle lens, which I have no idea how to properly use. As evidenced by the above picture, the wide angle distorts depth perspective a little, and my left shin got caught in the cross fire. Pencil thin and long as a bird’s, I’m sure soon to become an ostrich if I’m not careful.

The rest of the hike was a little boring, as far as hikes go. I left my camera in the bag and we just enjoyed traipsing through the woods and making our own path until we stumbled on the real trail and eventually looped back around to the car.

Eage's nest 022 (4-29-2017)

Plant growth on the second shelf of the waterfall

All in all a wonderful new hike with waterfalls and cliff side views to rival any in the Red River Gorge. 


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